World’s Best Chocolate Cake (theory)

Nikki Dyer
2 min readMay 24, 2023


(more visuals from the inside of my brain)

Imagine me bringing you the most delicious chocolate cake you’ve ever laid eyes on. Like…we’re talking the WORLDS BEST chocolate cake. And chocolate cake was your favorite so this was about to be an out-of-this-world experience, okay. BUT before I gave you the chocolate cake you had to eat an entire Thanksgiving feast by yourself and you couldn’t have a single bite of cake until Thanksgiving was over.

That chocolate cake wouldn’t be nearly as satisfying as it would be if I presented it to you on a perfect day, at the perfect moment that you were craving something sweet AND you had time and space to enjoy every single bite of it. Right?

Life is the same. It’s one big chocolate cake.

What you’re wishing for and longing for now…it may not be the perfect time for your cake! Don’t force yourself to eat it now even though it would be FAR better later.

If cake ain’t your thing, here’s some other examples:

That first taste of refreshingly cold water when you need it most.

Stepping into the cool AC after being outside in the blazing heat.

Lifting your face to the sky to feel the sun’s warm rays on the first warm day of spring.

That first sip of morning coffee when you’re craving it most.

Everything tastes a little bit sweeter when it’s the perfect time for it. When you’re mind and body and the Universe are all in agreement that it’s time.

Let go of the things that you can’t control.

What is meant for you will never miss you.

There is such freedom in that!

Sending you loads of love and patience, whoever you are! ❤️


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