I’ve been struggling with life lately

Nikki Dyer
4 min readMay 18, 2023


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To be clear, there is absolutely nothing wrong. All of my basic needs are not only met, but if I’m being honest, they are exceeding.

I am healthy.

I am loved.

I have others I love. So much.

I live in a beautiful house in a safe neighborhood with my loving family and our bellies and bodies are nourished with abundance.

So what’s the problem?

Lately, there is a feeling that I just can’t shake that I am outgrowing my surroundings and I am longing for what comes next. Feeling this way is something I struggle with because gratitude is a big part of my life. After all, I am a coach. I write beautiful guided meditations that focus on the powerful feelings and energies behind being in gratitude for your life just as it is. For being in the present moment and catching yourself when you are straying into the present or the past. Yet, here I sit. With a feeling in my stomach that I just can’t shake that there is something else out there waiting for me. Asking me to notice that we have evolved and we are ready for what comes next. Whatever that may be.

Being in gratitude for all of the delicious moments that are always surrounding you is one of the secrets to life. So I question…can I be both in gratitude for what I am surrounded by while also feeling the longing for what comes next? Can the two coexist? And at what point does it turn over into obsessive controlling dreaming?

I long for a change of scenery in my life. A new place and a new space surrounded by lush green gardens and beautiful white french doors that open out to a patio that resides under a canopy of trees that have existed and rooted into the soil for longer than the years I have lived. I close my eyes and it comes to my mind so vividly in detail.

(The inside of my very visual brain)

What is an internal knowing of what is to come and what is wishful fantisizing?

And it leads me to once again question, how to be present and in gratitude for where I am at right now and not in the garden of my mind?

Can the two coexist?

Scarcity is a funny thing. Its mischievous nature tricks us into thinking that if we do not act on something, the universe will think we do not want it and it will move on…leaving us just standing there stagnant as it moves past us. And it is at this exact moment that I want you (and my own heart and mind) to be reminded that you will never miss out on anything that is meant for you!

The person.

The job.

The children.

The house.

The money.

The experiences.

Your life is perfectly curated just for you. It molds and shifts and bends to your path and all of the moments and memories and experiences you are meant to have will never miss you — EVER.

Too many times we find ourselves thinking or saying “should’ve, would’ve, could’ve” and many times it’s when we feel like things could have turned out differently, or as we wanted them to. Like if we had just made the other choice it all would have ended up better or just different.

We lose focus and get so consumed and stressed over things that we have no control over.

(some very wise words)

Reflection isn’t a bad thing. But it can become damaging and dangerous to our hearts and our souls if we get lost in a spiral of WHAT IF.

Whatever is meant for you will never miss you.

Your path is your path and the experiences you are experiencing are here to help you learn your lessons. What needs to be learned for me to move forward?

It’s incredible to realize how less disappointed you are when you change your outlook when things miss you or don’t go according to your plan. To let go of the things you can’t control and let the universe (God, All Mighty, Budda, yada yada insert ______ here) work on bringing things to you at the right time.

Let go of the things that you can’t control.

What is meant for you will never miss you.

There is such freedom in that!

Sending you loads of love and patience, whoever you are! ❤️


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